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This 45-minute presentation, is packed with original songs, audience participation, and fun for students and teachers alike.

The program is a highly entertaining, unique approach to teaching the very important subject of conservation and highlights ideas for students to take part in saving energy by doing simple, effective tasks around their home or school.

Captain Conservation is the world's only singing, guitar playing, nature conscious and costumed superhero. The show challenges audiences to not only recognize the need, but to get involved in the fight for energy conservation, for a better tomorrow. During the show, Captain Conservation shares his commitment to energy conservation and invites audience members to learn through songs and demonstrations. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to join his Conservation Crew!

Book early as Captain Conservation's schedule may be limited in your area. To learn more about this show and how to schedule Captain Conservation's Saves the Day! for your school, corporate event, or organization, click on the BOOK A SHOW tab.

The Presentation

  • Show Length - Approximately 45 minutes
  • Setup Time - 30 minutes
  • Take down Time - 30 minutes
  • Teachers, assistants, or administrators must remain with students, at all times.


  • Room should be climate controlled and have standard electrical outlet available within 25' of the performance area.
  • Performance area required is 10 feet by 10 feet. Seating should all be facing the performance area with the first row beginning a minimum of 6 feet away.
  • A stage is preferred, but not required.


  • Developed for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
  • Preferable Audience size is 150 or more students.


  • Captain Conservation arrives with costume, guitar, and sound system

Media Suggestions - You are welcome to invite television or newspaper coverage.